How to export or import Ledger wallets?

If you did not know it before, the Ledger hardware wallet is integrated with the Guarda wallet interface. This means, that you can manage your funds in the ultimate hardware cryptocurrency wallet security, but with a great addition of Guarda’s user-friendly functions.

Guarda Wallet team has made everything to make your cryptocurrency management easy and secure. What can be better for security than working together with the leader of hardware wallets? Here’s how you start managing Ledger accounts in our interface, step-by-step.

  1. Create a Web wallet on Guarda. If you are not familiar with our wallets yet, here is a short video guide to help you get started
  2. Once you have created a wallet or sign in to your existing one, scroll the wallet list down and click “Connect” on the Ledger banner
  3. Connect your Ledger hardware wallet device to your computer, unlock it with a PIN code and select the currency you would like to work with both on Ledger and on Guarda.
  4. Click on “Display Ledger Accounts”
  5. The accounts for the chosen cryptocurrency will be displayed on the screen – select the ones you would like to manage through Guarda and press “Add Accounts”
  6. As you have chosen everything you need, click “Go to Wallets” – your Ledger accounts will be displayed on the wallet list on the left

Now, you are ready to work with the Ledger Nano S device and Guarda wallet.

When the ledger is connected Guarda can import only addresses of wallets and never private keys. Private keys to all of your assets are encrypted within the hardware device. That’s why operations can be performed only with the connected ledger. While the device is disconnected you can only check the balance. Guarda does not store ledger wallets but information about them.

Watch our video guide!

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