Why does Ledger ask me to export public keys manually?

If the version of your Ledger Nano S device is 1.5.5 or newer, every time you attempt to export a BTC address, the following prompt will appear on the device:Export Public Key?In order to export the address to Guarda, you will need to press the right button on your Ledger to confirm the operation.

This process has to be repeated for every separate BTC address you wish to export to Guarda.

If you have multiple addresses and do not want to manually confirm each separate address every time, you can alter your device’s settings to set up automatic export approval. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Connect your Ledger device to a computer;
  2. Select the BTC applicationon the main menu screen (press both buttons at the same time);
  3. SelectSettings;
  4. Select Public keys export approval and a menu with two options will appear.
  5. PickingManual approval(the default setting) will require you to confirm each address separately every time.Auto approvalwill allow you to export your addresses to Guarda without confirmation.

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