How to create and save a backup of your wallet

Every new Guarda user has to download a copy of their backup file when they first create their wallet, but you can also download it again any time afterward.

Go into the Settings tab at the top of your screen and select Download Backup You'll see a screen with two options (Copy backup text and Download Backup) and additional information about the latest version of your backup file.

You can either copy the string of symbols manually or click the Download button to get it in a .txt file.

Please make sure to download the latest version of your backup every time you add a new currency or delete it. 

You will also be prompted to save it if you select Want to create a new wallet from the Welcome back screen.

Store your backup in a secure place separately from your password and never share it with any other person. Be careful not to lose it – if you do, Guarda will not be able to help you restore access to your funds.

* We encrypt all your data with AES.

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