Guide on TRON staking in Guarda Wallet

Tron network is based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm in which 27 Super Representatives (SRs) produce blocks for the network. You can earn passive income by delegating your TRX to SRs.

How to stake TRX in Guarda Wallet

Open your TRON wallet on Guarda and click "staking", then "Deposit for staking".

Select the validator in the "To" field. You can select a validator depending on the reward amount. Please note that each validator has the required minimum deposit amount.

After that, you will see information about your deposit:

- In the transaction history

- In your Tron wallet. Open your Tron wallet in the left column and click "Staking".

- In the "Receive" tab.

How to claim reward

Each validator has its own award distribution terms. Rewards are distributed manually via the "Claim" button.  After delegation, the deposit will be frozen for the first three days.

  • Binance distributes rewards every month by the 10th of each month.
  • CryptoChain distributes rewards daily

How to withdraw a deposit

After delegation, your deposit is frozen for three days. Once this period expires, you can withdraw your deposit using the "Unstake" button. You will find it if you open your Tron wallet and click "Staking".

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