How to claim GAS on Guarda

GAS is a token that is distributed on the NEO network to NEO holders and is used to pay the transactions fees. The minimum unit of GAS is 0.00000001. 

Now you can claim GAS on Guarda!  All the user needs to do is send some NEO before that. After that, the NEO network allows the user to claim some GAS.

Here’s the guide on how to claim GAS on Guarda Wallet.

Open your NEO wallet and press  ‘Claim Gas’ 

If you see this error, you need to make a transaction and send some NEO. You can send even 1 NEO to your wallet.

When a transaction is sent, you will see how many GAS you can claim. Just press ‘Claim now’.

Now GAS is in your wallet!

Watch our video tutorial

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