How to increase CPU & NET with EOS staking

There are three resources on the EOS network - RAM, CPU, and NET. 

RAM is required to store data on the blockchain. In order to create an account on the EOS network, you must buy RAM to store information about this account.

CPU  is used to execute transactions. 

NET  is the amount of information that your transaction takes in a block.

Instead of paying a network fee when sending a transaction, you use two resources - CPU and NET. The advantage of these resources is that they are restored within three days. You can stake EOS to increase the amount of CPU and NET.

How to stake CPU and NET on Guarda

Open the ‘Staking EOS’ tab and enter the amount of EOS that you want to deposit in the ‘Deposit the amount of CPU’ and ‘Deposit the number of NET’ fields. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Confirm’. You will be able to unstake and get the tokens back in 72 hours.

Typically CPU is spent faster than NET. Think about how many resources you need for the transactions that you perform. If you do not have enough resources, you can replenish them using Guarda. Remember that on an EOS network this process takes 72 hours.

1. Open your EOS wallet and press 'Staking'

2. Enter the amount of CPU and NET, then press 'Next'

3. Press 'Confirm'

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