Get a reward for staking ATOM

Staking is an opportunity to receive a reward for delegating a deposit to a validator. The amount you choose will be sent to the address of the validator you selected, and every 24 hours you can receive a reward for the deposit. This amount is equal to a certain percentage of the amount you sent. After the withdrawal of the deposit, it will be frozen for 21 days.

ATOM is a cryptocurrency based on the PoF (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm. Instead of miners in the PoW network, the ATOM network has validators – nodes, block producers that use cryptographic signatures for voting. Validators broadcast cryptographic signatures, or votes, to agree upon the next block. They have the voting power, which means that they can vote to include a new block in the blockchain or move on to the next round. The proposer (round leader) is selected from the list of validators in proportion to their voting power.

How to stake ATOM on Guarda

Select your ATOM wallet, click on “Stake” under ATOM Information section and enter the amount of ATOM you want to deposit and select the validator. Different validators can offer different deals. You can choose what you think is more profitable in the 'Advanced options'. Then the deposit will be sent to the validator.

Each validator has a commission – the amount that is deducted from the reward before distributing it among the delegators.


You can get a reward every 24 hours. The amount of the reward is shown in the “Staking” tab in the ATOM wallet. Make sure that there is enough ATOM on the balance of your wallet to pay a commission for including this transaction in the block, which will be debited from the balance of your wallet. Therefore, you need to be careful and not claim an amount that is less than the network commission.


If you want to return your deposit, you can withdraw it. The network fee for this transaction will also be debited from the balance of your wallet. After that, the deposit will be frozen for 21 days. You can check the date when the deposit will be available for withdrawal in the "Staking" tab.

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