The new GETH smart contract

Due to security reasons we've changed GETH smart contract. The old contract has been deactivated and all transactions with the old GETH token are suspended. 

Deactivated GETH smart contract: 0x9ad03c34aAb604A9e0Fde41dbF8E383E11c416c4 

This is the new GETH contract:  0x3802c218221390025bceabbad5d8c59f40eb74b8

To avoid confusion, we have hidden the old smart contract in the interface.

About ETH staking rewards

The GETH contract changes have no impact on staked ETH nor its accumulated rewards. Your staked ETH and its accumulated rewards remain safe and continue generating yield for you. If you had the old GETH token on your balance, you will receive exactly the same amount of the new token and the staking process will be identical to the one it was before smart contract changes. No user action is needed to receive the new token. The new batch of rewards will be distributed approximately in two weeks.

Everyone who has been holding GETH up until these changes happened still has the same amount of GETH as before. Also, you will still be eligible to exchange GETH to ETH at a 1:1 ratio after the phase 2 launch.

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