Payment Deeplink

If you want to integrate the payment system on your website, Guarda wants to introduce our Deeplink service.

What is Payment Deeplink?

Deeplink is a small piece of code that you can integrate into your website to accept crypto payments. It will look like this

How to use Deeplink?

Add this code to your page

<a target="_blank" href=""> Pay with guarda </a>

Set the parameters

Key Value Type Required Description
amount number No Default sending amount
addressTo string Yes Your receiving address in the chosen currency
currencyFrom string Yes Preferred cryptocurrency. Check out the full list of supported coins
gasLimit string No The maximum amount of Gas
gasPrice string No Price in Gwei for each unit of Gas
nonce string No Number of transactions sent from the address
extraID string No Any custom information

Add the "Pay with Guarda" button.

When the button is clicked, the Guarda extension will open, where the necessary fields are already filled in, the user will only have to choose the address from which he will pay for the purchase. If the user does not have the extension installed, the user will be redirected to our website

Frequently asked Questions

What's the fee for using it?

It is absolutely free!  We do not charge any fees.

How do I know who sent the payment?

To indicate the payments you need to add the key "extraID" which can be any symbol combinations. In this field customers will filled the info you needed. 

In what currency can I accept payments?

Deeplinks support payments in any cryptocurrency supported by Guarda wallet. 

When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Guarda wallet, where the necessary fields will already be filled. Here is an example.

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